Monday, April 25, 2005

Regular Schedule Returns

Well, after a week of everyone home for Spring vacation and DH home also for his gets back to normal. I really enjoyed the week we had together, I think everyone did. It was relaxing and we got some things done.

As much as I love having everyone home, I do like getting back to my regular schedule. By 8:30 all the kids except youngest one, Billy (he's 2yrs. old), are off to school. Bill (dh) leaves for work by 5:30. It seemed a little hectic getting the younger two girls (Krista 10, Tara 5) off to school but they made the bus!

I hope to get some stitching time in today so I can really start cooking on Blossom Harvest. I really want to finish her. I may go back to Cinderella after her or finish up a Shepherds Bush sampler that I have 85 % completed. I may do that. It might be nice to have a quicker finish and one less WIP. After that maybe "Cindy" who knows. That darn "Enchanted Mermaid" is still haunting me, LOL. I may try to do a fairy first. I have a few kitted up and am waitng for fabric for Fairy Moon, who is one of my very favorties. We shall see who yells the loudest.

Well, I'm off to go stitch for a little bit before I finish my chores. I did a lot already so I'm not in a big hurry. I need some stitching time...


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