Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Started Spring Cleaning-GreatGrandma's rocker

Well, yesterday I started some spring cleaning. I changed curtains in the living room, took out the old recliner and replaced it with my great-grandmother's treasured rocker. This will not be where I stitch. I loved the comfort of the recliner, it just took up so much room and was getting pretty ragged. My cousin David wants it and is welcomed to it. I love when I rearrange things, it gives it a whole new look. I have a bit more room for my stitching now. I like to keep things set up rather than pack it away when I'm done. It takes too long to reset everything up. I also love the thought of stitching in my great-grandma's rocker. I have had this rocker for years and I cherish it, so I want to use it more than have it in a room where no one sits. I put some "hankies" (I collect them), on the back of it to hang over the front to give it an old fashioned look. It probably does it need it, the rocker is made of solid cherry and is very heavy. I remember sitting in my Great-grandma's lap when I was four, and she would rock me. She received this as a gift from a carpenter, she delivered his wife's baby. I find that so interesting! Anyway, I'm guessing the rocker is close to 75 years old. You would never be able to tell. The wooden arms are a little bit dis-colored in the spots where she would put her hands, this adds to its meaning to me. I hope my GG is looking down at me with a smile ~ she use to embroider everything under the sun. Doilies, pillows, pillow cases and hankies. I would give anything to have something that she embroidered. Unfortunately, my mom doesn't have a whole lot of sentiment and never saved anything. It breaks my heart to remember the things my mom threw out or sold. I was so young, that I didn't understand at the time. I was lucky to get this rocker. I have had it for 15 years and rescued it from my Mom's shed. I'm so glad I asked her for it at the time, even though I felt funny about it.

Well, I never thought I would be able to write so much about a rocker...... :0)


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