Sunday, May 15, 2005

I found a trunk!

I have been looking for a trunk for a while now and I found a very small one that I fell in love with on ebay! It is very small. The measurements state 19 1/2 long by 12 wide by 12 deep. This will look perfect in our living room. The inside has a tray that pulls out. The inside is also redone in a very pretty fabric. I'm trying to sell a few things in the Mirabilia forum to pay for it. So far I have sold a kit and now waiting to see if anyone buys two pieces of hand dyed fabric I am willing to sell. Hopefully someone will! I won the trunk for $43.00 and it is $8.00 to ship. I sold the kit for $27.00 including shipping. I am so excited about this trunk. Eventually I would like a larger one to redo myself and I will keep my eyes open at yard sales and flea markets for one. I'm not sure how to put a link on here, but perhaps I can figure it out later. Well, that's it for now...I will keep you updated on my trunk!


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