Monday, June 13, 2005

Changed my blog look~reached goal~Sunday message

I wanted something a bit more brighter. I love pink so I thought this would do. I accomplished my goal for the weekend and stitched almost four hours! I may finish her in time, who knows?! I was really hoping to get a picture of her this weekend but no go. Perhaps next weekend. I will have even more done by then! Who knows how much! Rain is in the forecast for this week, so maybe a bit more stitching time is on its way. I am really enjoying my stand. It is so much more comfortable. I hope my MIL can come over later in the week to give it a try. If she likes it and doesn't buy herself one, I may tell DH that it would be a marvelous Christmas gift for her.

Well, today was Sunday and the kids and I went to church (DH works Sundays), and I was so glad the Billy (2 year old son) stayed in the nursery with one of his older sisters. It's been over a month since I had heard a message and I get kind of down going to church and only getting to be in the nursery. I can tell, I was meant to hear the message today. Ever get that feeling? I love our Pastor and he definitley keeps your attention. The message today was about praying and how you need to know how to pray. I won't go into any long detail, but this message today really helped me think about a lot of things. You see, I'm a born again Christian and so are three out of five of our children. My DH is in agreement with me taking the kids to church and I know he believes in Jesus, but I'm not sure he gets the meaning of salvation. I pray for him but maybe not in the right way. I think I can pray in a way to help him more.

The kids only have two more weeks of school and I am happy to get out of the mundane (sp?) routine. I will probably still awake early for I love the mornings, especially if I can stitch. But just the hussle and bussle of getting everyone off at different times starts to get old come June. I know when it's time to be back, I will probably be happy to be back in my routine. ~LOL~

Well, it's late and I better get to bed. I'm hoping the BB's will be back to normal soon, as I'm sure most of you that read this hope so too!


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