Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What was I thinking? Weird HAED experience

Okay, so it's close to 90 degrees outside and the dewpoint is in the 70's. What do I decide to do? PAINT! Yes, again. The downstairs bathroom is really tiny and I have had the paint since January. I figure, I'm on a roll. I did the living room in less than a week, how long could a tiny bathroom take me. The difference...three layers of wallpaper that need to be torn down. I have one small wall left. I have blisters on fingers and a big mess. I really am going to shoot for being done by Thursday. Did I mention I will tile the floor as well. It is a very small bathroom and I think I have enough tile left from a previous project, so why not? The second I started tearing the wallpaper down, I thought..."Why, why now in this heat?" Then I answered myself with this: "Because you don't think! duh" Oh well, can't stop now. I am going to buy a border with fairies in it and hope to stitch Petal Fairy for the main wall. But, who knows when that will be. Which reminds me, my fabric for Petal and Water Mermaid (HAED) should be in this week from Mindy at SMF!

And speaking of HAED, I had a kind of weird experience. I really like some of the designs, not crazy about a lot of them. Anyway, I asked to get Water Mermaid without the background and was told it would be an extra ten dollars. Okay, no problem...I understand. I figure I will go with the regular print and do the e-mail version to save money. I have only purchased one HAED prior to this. Well, I was told that it would take an extra 40 hours worth of work and I should receive it in two weeks time. I thought, no problem. I have plenty to keep me busy. I went and paid for it on Friday the 10th and on Saturday the 11th it was in my e-mail. Does that seem weird? I was thrilled of course, but confused. One person told me one thing and another told me something else. No biggie, just thought it seemed odd. I really love some of the art work, but I don't plan on obtaining a lot of them due to the size. Water Mermaid shouldn't be too bad, since Mindy at SMF has this new fabric Oceanic, she did for this pattern at someone's request and I thought I would take advantage of it as well.

That's it for now...off to read some posts and then hit the hay. I need to remember to talk about the book I just finished and the RR I'm joining. I'll do that tomorrow!


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