Monday, October 23, 2006

Did lots of knitting last week....

I did a bunch of knitting last week for two of my nieces....and I forgot to take pictures. UGH! I made them each a very cute felted purse and a scarf. I did all of that in three and half days. I was very impressed withmyself (pats herself on the back) and they came out so cute! I will have to take a picture next time we visit.

I am back on track with my the Christmas knitting. I finished the Christmas Tree above. It is much nicer in person and I plan on making another. This time in a solid so that you can see the beads on each branch better. I used Sugar N Cream Yarn. It is a free dishcloth pattern (sorry don't know how to link). If your interested leave a comment and I can maybe send it to you. I can't even remember the site right now! LOL Anyway, it is a good size and I starched it to keep it's shape. I'm thinking on putting it on a clear plate and wrapping Christmas goodies to put on it.

I'm having fun with the SP9. I've been talking with my pal (the one I am buying for), through e-mails pretty regularly. I don't want to include any details, you just never know who is reading it.

My pal, has left me a couple comments, e-mails and a wonderful e-card! I'm lucky to have a wonderful pal both ways!

I'm hoping by the end of this week to have some more gifts done! I can't believe how close Christmas is!


At 7:47 AM , Blogger Emily said...

Thanks for the comment on the F-P washcloth! I appreciate the encouragement.
Great Christmas tree! What a lovely gift for someone.

At 3:30 AM , Blogger terrylee66 said...

Thanks for letting me know where you found the pattern for those lovely dishclothes! That's going on my wish list for sure! I was thinking, if you starch them, they would make a great doily for a girls room. I just might do that! Thanks for the compliment on my tree. It's quick and easy!


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