Friday, June 16, 2006

Button up clutch, coin purse

I found this pattern at Lion's Brand Freebie patterns. It works up so quickly. It's only about four inches big, perfect for coins, credit cards, etc.
I'm going to be including it with the black felted bag I am now working on for my sister's birthday. I think she'll like it. I used black wool and Zodiac yarn. I plan on making a few more, it only took me about two hours, maybe a little less. I sure am hooked on this knitting thing! I now have a wish list in my head a mile long. I would love a set of Denise Knitting needles, more bamboo dpn's, an electronic plus row counter, a swift and ball winder. And of course, YARN! I can't believe the amount of wonderful, free patterns on-line. I am creating a notebook of free patterns. I hope to be starting my Christmas ideas in July. I need to finish my sister's birthday gift and one other gift before July. I would also like to finish anything else that is currently on my needles before then. Except for the afghan, that is much longer term. I'm close to finishing Kayla's socks (my oldest DD) well the first sock anyway. Then I will need to do the mate. I'm going to desperately try to finish the bag for my sister and three coin purses (like the one I pictured except different colors) before Tuesday. Tuesday is the last day of school and I thought it might be nice to give our kids each one of those, seeing how they expressed great interest and asked if they were getting one. Well, time to get the older kids up for exams today. And I'm in desperate need of coffee.


At 6:37 AM , Blogger Heather said...

What are Denise Knitting pins? I love your coin purse, I'd love to be able to get the chart, could you possibly give me the website details please :)

At 2:31 AM , Blogger artystitches said...

thats very cute!

At 10:41 AM , Blogger TwistedCandles said...

That's adorable, Terry! My mom and I are going to start taking some knitting lessons.


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