Sunday, June 19, 2005

What I forgot...

I mentioned telling about the book I just finished and the RR I'm joining. I just finished Moncia Ferris's new book Embroidered Truths. For those of you who aren't familiar with her books, they are needlecraft mysteries. I really enjoyed this newest one and finished it in a few days. I have all of her books and she comes out with one sometimes two in a year. I eagerly await her next one!

I joined a Round Robin. It will be "Any designer band sampler" and the first mailing date is in late September. That will give me plenty of time to plot what I want as far as size and color are concerned. I look forward to getting that set up.

I wanted so baldly to stitch last night, but fell asleep in my chair. All the hard work of painting and cleaning and putting together photo albums into the wee hours of the night are catching up to me. I just had a cupof coffee and hope to put an hour or so of time into my stitching after I complete this entry.

It is Father's Day today and we have a special dinner planned for DH. So, I doubt I will get much time this evening. Well, off I go!


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