Friday, December 30, 2005

Camera fun

I have been playing with our camera all day! I have figured out how to get pictures posted to the BB's and hope to start work on some albums for photobucket. I have to say, I probably should have been stitching! I did stitch for a bit this morning and knit (a scarf for Billy) a bit, but I have become addicted to taking pictures! Bath time became photo time for our two youngest. They kind of had no choice, but they didn't care. I need to figure out how to post a pic here. I'm going to take some pictures of stitchy stuff and update my album over the course of the next week or so! Figured out the picture thing and here are our three youngest on Christmas morning! Krista on the left, Tara in the middle and Billy on the right!

I have officially started a lay-a-way for Labyrinth (HAED original) and I can hardly wait! This means that I need to stay away from sales and new releases! It will be touch, but I will just keep looking at Fudgey's wonderful WIP. She is really cookin'! I can see the smoke all the way in the USA!


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