Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stitching progress

Just a quick note, I did stitch yesterday. I believe I got in just about three hours and made some good progress on the white of her dress. I may not get as much stitching time in today, I am deeming today "Crazey Wednesday". Here is why:

8:30 am ~ DH's doctor appointment
9:30 am ~ Dump run
12:00 pm ~ Tara and Katie come home from schoo
1:30 pm~ Krista's graduation
2:15 pm~ Bring Kayla to work (DH will do this while I stay at the graduation)
2:30 pm ~Dear MIL & FIL come over to help build pation
5:15 pm ~ Bring Tara, Billy and Katie to Nina's
5:30 pm ~ Senior banquet for Kayla

I am probably forgetting something, but I'm hoping not! So, perhaps I can squeeze in some stitching time this morning!


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