Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Party was a success! AND Pt 2 Still thinking...

I'm so happy! We had my side of the family over last night was a Christmas celebration and all went well. There was good food (even if I do say so myself!), and laughter. My side doesn't get together often, even though the family is very small so it was nice. My brother didn't come with his wife and two daughters, but I knew they wouldn't anyway. He has kind of disowned me and my sister, but at least he has contact with our parents. Anyway, it was an early night but a good time just as well!

Part 2 of this entry, Still thinking...
I am still trying to get my thoughts organized for some sort of stitching rotation, even though I have been unsuccessful so many times. I know the screaming method works best for me, but I am for the most part, an organized person. So the screaming method seems too unorganized. I think the key for me is to start off small. I have two wips that I desperately want to finish. They are the HAED QS Dragon Fae 1, and Mirabilia's Blossom Harvest. I am three quarters finished on Blossom and I think the halfway mark with my QS. I am also desperate for a new start, and I have two other WIPs, Sea of Roses and Arthur and Guenievere. Hmmmm....I will have to ponder this some more, it helps me to put it all in writing.

I didn't have this problem before I was addicted to HAED!


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