Thursday, December 29, 2005

HAED dreams

Well, I have a bee in my bonnet about Labyrinth (HAED original), whenever I see something I love I think about it constantly. Because of Fudgey (gotta blame someone) I am obsessed with this design. I put a message on the BB about a lay-a-way, if they don't do that I will just stick to my original plan of purchasing gift certificates until I have enough to buy it. I was so close to buying two of the "reduced inventory" patterns yesterday! I had the e-mail typed and ready to go, but then I thought it could be $$ for Labyrinth! I have never "done" silks and am too excited. Plus I think it would be a nice break from stitching pictures. I have done many samplers before but this looks so different. If it was a little cheaper I would consider getting it for my MIL, she would love it! I do think it's a good price for the kit though!

I hope our camera comes in today. Our brand new camera broke on Christmas day, I was so upset. I called HP and they are sending a new one out. No charge of course, and it should have been here yesterday but hopefully will be here today. After it comes I need to figure out how to upload pictures to the PC, then I can start posting some pics. I worked on Blossom Harvest yesterday and was pleased with my progress. I'm itching to get her done, she is so pretty and I love the SW fabric she is on...Blueberry Delight.

Now, to change the subject completely! I love our Christmas tree, we get a real tree and it is the best one we have ever had. Perfect shape, perfect size, etc. But it's been up since December 4th, has lost nothing in needles, and I had planned on keeping it up through New Years. The problem...I'm itching to get my house back to normal. Our living room (that's where the tree is) is not very large so the tree does take up much needed space, so that's why I want to take it down. I know our son (he just turned 3 ) will be sad, he loves the tree...but it has to come down sometime. It won't be any less hard in a few days. I will have to ponder this for a bit.

Well, off to check the HAED BB, again, lol....


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