Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year to all! And the HAED challenge

It is New Year's Eve day here in the states. I can't believe another year has gone by. I know it's a time to be reflective and look ahead and make resolutions. I always make the same ones. Loose weight, more of this and less of that. I'm not going to look at resolutions, I'm going to look at it as living a better life. Healthier, happier and of course....stitchier.

I have to say I feel like I have made so many new friends this year, throught the BB's. I started on the Mirabilia BB and HAEDED over to HAED. I visit both and enjoy the time I spend on both. I kind of feel that while I love Mirabilia designs and will continue to stitch them, my heart is with HAED. Don't know what it is, it just IS. Michele and Bob are wonderful to deal with and Fudgey makes the board a home. As well as the other moderators and posters. A day can't go by without visiting the board several times a day. I love you all and appreciate the support and motivation you all give to me and each other. Unless you visit that board and see what goes on there, you simply can't understand. I'm not bashing other boards, I am just complimenting the HAED BB. (((((hugs to you all)))))

Now, Fudgey has issued what I consider a "challenge". She has asked every one to state one goal that they would like to achieve by December 31, 2006. If you achieve the goal, your name will be put in a hat with others who have achieved goals, whoever is picked gets a chart(s). Well, I want to achieve a goal. The problem is to pick one. I know I want to finish my Dragon Fae QS and I will, but I don't think it's fair to use that, seeing how I am close to halfway there. I need to look through my HAEDs and pick my goal. We have until January 8th and I want to give this lots of thought before I make up my mind. There are so many wonderful designs! I thought about Sea of Roses as I only have 1000 or so stitches in her, I think, but I want to make sure first. I will keep you updated on my decisions!

I am still having fun with our camera and want to put a pic. in here that is special to me. Of course, you have seen pics of my kids up on the BB and what is more special than the kids. But, I have known my husband, Bill, since I was 16 and he was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, etc. We have been through a lot as most couples have and will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in July. So I was going to put a picture up of him. But then I thought I would put a pic up of both of us. Even though, I don't like pictures of myself, this picture means a lot. Our oldest daughter took it of us on Christmas Eve. My husband insisted. The younger kids were all tucked in bed and we had just finished putting the gifts out. So that is the picture I have included for today.

I hope everyone has a happy and most of all healthy New Year!


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