Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day

What a way to bring in the new year, I have a horrible cold! I can't look down without my nose running and my head feels like it weighs 1000 pounds. So any stitching is out.

I have been thinking about the HAED challenge/goal for the year. I think I will end up going with more than one goal. My first goal will be to finish my Dragon Fae QS, I still have about 3000 stitches or more to go into her so it won't be all that quick. My second goal has to be something with Sea of Roses. I only have 2000 stitches in her, so I will have to ponder this a bit. My last goal, is giving me a bit of trouble. I have to start at least one new thing this year! I am considering My Secret Place (Selina Fenech) she is so beautiful! I will probably go with 25 count fabric. Not sure on the color yet, I thought something in a very pale blue, but kind of blotted like the sky. I will have to consider all of this before I can post my goals.

I have been working on my cross stitch albums and uploading pics of pieces I have done. Still have a bunch to go, but I have to take a break. I feel very tired and week today. Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel better and at least be able to stitch a little bit. I have to finish my Mirabilia before I can even start my HAED goals!


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