Monday, January 09, 2006

Stitching progress

Okay, after stitching as much as I possibly could last week, I made fairly good progress on Blossom Harvest. I am hoping to have her complete in two more weeks, less if I can. I want to stitch my HAEDs (cry, cry, tear, tear). I am in a good routine right now with my stitching and don't want to loose momentum. I still am amazed at how much faster this Mirabilia is going now. Before I worked on any HAEDs it seemed like it was going slow, but something happened to my skills, maybe? I think the complexity of the HAEDs enhanced my skills in some way, shape or form. So thanks to Michele and all the wonderful artists!

I'm still holding out for Selina Fenech's "May I have this dance" to be charted! I am also getting closer to purchasing Labyrinth. I have put $25.00 down so far! I think I am going to be adding three things to that order. I want the Dragon Fae Storykeep, Gothic Indigo (new release Caron Vinson) and if "May I have this Dance?" is charted by the time I have enough $ I could just get them all snail mailed to me at the same time!

In the meantime...I WILL finish Blossom Harvest! I love the way she is coming out, I just feel like nothing can compare to the HAEDs. I do have a few other Mirabilia's that I will do. Especially Fairy Moon, I have everything I need and I spend $48.00 on the fabric for her. I love that design and if I start a Mirabilia this year, it will be that one. Probably not until the latter part of the year though. I have my HAED goals to meet!


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