Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A wandering mind....

I haven't put in a stitch all day! That is very strange for me! I always stitch in the morning. My morning wa a bit off as one of the "kiddies" was up way before her normal time. So no stitching, no news this morning. I like to listen to the news when I am stitching so that didn't happen either. Oh well...hopefully I will get a bunch of stitching time in tonight.

I feel kind of uneasy anyway, so I would probably make mistakes. I can't stand when I feel this way. Been happening more and more lately. I think it is normal for me. Para-menopause, that's what the doctor calls it. My mother was done with the entire 'menopause' by the time she was 43 or so. I will be 40 in September. Ugh...I can't believe I will be fourty this year. Where does the time go?

Enough of that, I want to talk stitching. I put in another 100 stitches last night on "dance". I don't seem to be able to get a good picture of it. Maybe when I have more done, it will be a bit easier. I am really enjoying the 28 count over one. I have to use my magnifer. I don't need it for 22 count or 28/32 count over two, but over one on 28 I must have it! Much easier on the eyes and the head. I am going to try to focus on this design for a while. I also wanted to try to jump into the QS Wednesday SAL, but I'm not sure. I won't this week, since I just started "dance" and don't want to stitch on anything else right now. I really want to try to "cook" on this one. I'm not expecting to finish it anytime soon...LOL...but I would like to really focus on it for awhile. I have some others I really want to do, but this will be priority for a while. In the back of my head I am thinking of that beautiful fabric, SMF's French Vineyard, that I purchased for Mirabilia's Fairy Moon. I still want to do that, I just don't know when. I really think the Mirabilia's are a nice break from the HAEDs, but I'm not ready for a break. I just finished a Mirabilia, so won't be starting that anytime soon. I just loved the fabric for Fairy Moon, and spent the most on that fabric than I have for any other fabric. It is gorgeous! Then I also have Enchanted Mermaid, I didn't pay much for the fabric but I have ALL the treasures, braids, beads, etc. for that one. I wish I could be a good rotator, but I have tried a few times, and I always go back to what ever catches my fancy. Oh well, guess that's just the way it is.

Speaking of new projects, I paid another $10.00 toward Labyrinth! It will be awhile before I have enough money, but that's okay. I know I will get it at some point. I'm thinking if I don't have enough by Valentines Day, maybe DH could pay the remainder. I know he probably wouldn't care. We'll see. I hope to have at least a page of "dance" done by then!

Okay, I'm off! Need to pick up some toys, vacuum and then start dinner. Until next time...


At 9:38 AM , Blogger pethair-xstitcher said...

Sweetie, I am glad that MIHTD has got you hooked and I am looking forward to more progress pictures. I understand completely. As for feeling off, you are correct to sit it out, nothing worse than having to frog! The good thing is that these moments pass.
I love Mirs as well, I have one on the back burner too (Mermaid of the Pearls) and it does make for a nice change.
Hang in there and don't finish the HAED before I get back next week, ok? I know how it is when you get a steam going...lol.
big hugs

At 7:07 PM , Blogger terrylee said...

Oh Sonya...your a riot...get it done while your gone ROFL


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