Friday, February 10, 2006

I must figure this out...

Okay, Michele at HAED was too generous (again). I requested a QS or Storykeep of Selina Fenech's Bubbles. Now that I smell like her, lol, I feel the need to stitch her. Not only did she chart it, she sent it tome. I have the fabric and floss (which needs to be put on bobbins, yuck) and want to start it. I am going to have to figure out a rotating schedule. I don't like being a screamer...I want organization. My dilemma...when do I do what? Okay, I have QS Dragon Fae, "Dance" and now Bubbles. I will be doing Sea of Roses over now that I know 28 count over one is for me! I'm not even going to work on Sea of Roses for awhile now anyway. So I have two QS's and one large one. There are so many options, I don't know where to begin. Do I partipate in QS Wednesday and rotate Wednesdays? Do I do "Dance" during the week and QS on weekend or vice versa? I get more stitching time usually during the week. I want to finish Dragon Fae QS (I want to be done with it and earn my blinkie), but I also am in love with the way "Dance" is working. AND I'm eager to start Bubbles. What is a girl to do? For the time being, I am going to work on "Dance" until the 13th, that will be one months time on it. Then I want to start a rotation. I like the way Lana & Nicole get a certain amount done on theirs then move on to the next rotation slot. I know I only have three that I want to rotate. Perhaps I could do it that way? I should be able to finish the section of "Dance" that I wanted to this weekend so I could start rotating next week. Sorry this was so you can tell, I'm just kind of thinking out loud. LOL I will find a way to make something work.

I gotta find out from Fudgey if I can take Sea of Roses out of my year end goal and put Bubbles in there in her place.

Oh! We have a blizzard coming our way...YEAH! As long as we don't loose power I will be stitching and perhaps reading. DH bought me two books, they are needlework mysteries. Knit one, Kill two and Needled to Death. I haven't ready anything by this author. I have read all the Monica Ferris ones. So far Knit one, Kill two is very good. I enjoy reading in bed when my eyes are too tired to stitch.

Until next time...


At 12:29 PM , Blogger pethair-xstitcher said...

Hope that blizzard lets you stay warm and content with light to stitch by!


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