Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Knitting, taxes, hello to Cindy, and stalking the mailman!

Hi all! I have been busy knitting lately. I have the knitting bug, bad! In the last two weeks I have made three scarfs, one pair of slippers, and two dish clothes. I started on a mini backpack yesterday and am having a go at circular needles. My camera is misbehaving so I have no pictures at this time. I hope to rectify that soon! I am enjoying the knitting but am mad that I can't stitch and knit at the same time. I will be getting back to my stitching when I finish this project. The knitting really takes a toll on the carpal tunnel. Still can't figure out why I can't do paragraphs anymore! Anyone who reads my blog and can figure out why help me! Anyway, on to my next subject. I have been doing our tax return and my oldest DD's, so computer time has been greatly neglected. I have hardly posted on the HAED BB at all in the last several days. I went to post today and realized my ezsupporter has ended. I will fix that on Friday, payday. So, I probably won't post until then, as my posts will look quite humorous! LOL I want to say HELLO! to my friend Cindy...she is an amazing stitcher and is discovering the joys of internet stitching supplies. I felt it was my duty to send her a bunch of links to shops and message boards. I hope you got them Cindy. I also sent her my blog, if you decide to read it, it's a great way to fall asleep. LOL (by the way, Cindy...I am really looking forward to your visit on Friday!) I am going to call the knitting shop today to find out about the sock classes taht Cindy and I hope to venture into! Next topic, stalking the mailman. I finished paying for Labyrinth at the same time Michele and Bob were leaving for Vegas so I don't have it yet. BUT, they informed me yesterday that it would be out today at the latest. Just making sure all the threads were in the kit that are required. They are so great at communication! So I guess it will be here around Friday or Saturday, my mailman is safe until the end of the week! Next...I also want to send a big hug to Nance all the way down in warm, sunny Florida. She is home and recovering from her surgery. I e-mailed you Nance. Okay, I really need to get my coffee now!!


At 4:10 AM , Blogger Heather said...

Hope you feel better soon, can't wait to see your photos of your knitting.

At 4:58 AM , Blogger pethair-xstitcher said...

Sounds like you are having way too much fun knitting, someone is going to have to hide those needles so that you can get to MIHTD...just a thought...if you are too busy knitting, who is going to do Labyrinth???
Glad to see that you are having fun, and curious to see some of these knitting projects of yours!


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