Monday, March 06, 2006

Bubbles QS - no picture/Knitting update

Okay, I had promised to work on my Bubbles QS and I did, it felt wonderful. I didn't make very good progress. Only got about 150 stitches in, I had 200 before the weekend. BUT, this one block that I only have partially done is full of detail stitches. I wanted to work my way down to her face and I have to go in blocks, I get too confused if I don't. I love the colors in this one, they are incredible. I hope to get more done on her this week. I know I promised not to pick up knitting needles, but I couldn't help it. I needed a break from my QS, the block I think has all 90 colors in it, I picked up my knitting. I'm currently working on a backpack for my neice. I'm doing it in yellow and it is almost done. I should be able to finish it in the next day or so. I already have two braclets done for her and want to make a headband, which should be really quick. I would love to have her entire gift done this week and it is very likely that I will. I will still have another one to do for my other niece, but I have to wait to get the yarn, I'm leaning toward peach. So, if I concentrate on my knitting today, it can be cross-stitching for the rest of the week! Speaking of stitching....again...have I told you how many times I have fondled my supplies for Labyrinth? Oh my goodness, anyone who has been hesitating to purchase this, the threads and beads and fabric are all gorgeous! And Michele and Bob are incredible the way the put it all together. The fibers are in floss away bags on a metal ring. As are the crystals, which are in smaller bags inside the floss away bags. The beads are in tiny little square containers. I couldn't believe it was put together this way. It came to me already neat and organized. They are the best! Okay, time for coffee and to get the remainding children up and ready for school. Mondays are hard to get them going!


At 11:14 AM , Blogger Heather said...

Keep up the good work on Bubbles, I can't wait to see a piccie Terry.

At 1:27 PM , Blogger pethair-xstitcher said...

Terry with all that fondly going on you should post a warning before some folks read this journal...Isn't there some sort of law about fondling? You should not do it too openly unless you want to get caught and I hear that there are floss stealers out and about. The arms of floss swipers are long. Could just be that the temptation to fondle goes farther than your door...(giggle)

At 3:21 AM , Blogger terrylee said...

Oh Sonya! You have such a way with words. You never fail to make me laugh and I mean LAUGH!

And Heather, thanks for the's getting difficult to drag me away from my knitting!


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