Friday, June 03, 2011

Back to the blog?

I have really been thinking of getting back to this blog, but wasn't sure if I wanted to take the time, and I miss sharing projects and everyday, why not start up again? I couldn't think of any reason not to, so here I am.

I was reading through my older entries and it sure has been awhile! We have had a lot of changes in our life since then. Our oldest daughter is now married and we have had another graduation...3 years flies. We now homeschool, which has been a wonderful blessing from the Lord. I can't imagine not doing it. We just finished our fourth year and, Praise God, it was our best year yet. We have also changed churches, which was very hard. We had been at our church for six years, but the Lord had led us to move on. It was the right decision for us, we now attend a church 30 minutes away (previously we traveled 5 min.), but we know it's the Lord's will for us to be there. We have met several wonderful families and believe we are finally learning to be who God wants us to be. I pray that we can continue to grow in Him and be used for His glory.

I plan on sharing pictures of not only projects that I am working on, but also of our family. We are looking forward to a very eventful summer. A friend of our family is getting married in July and we are very excited about that. We also plan on attending a fair or two and a rodeo in Vermont. We will also camp, fish, ride bikes, hike and fellowship with family and friends. The Lord has truly blessed us with family and friends. It has been exciting making new friendships with our church family.

Well, I guess that is enough of an update for now. I look forward to writing again soon. I hope to have my entries be a bit more interesting, but felt a small update was in order. I may just bore anyone that reads this blog...I hope not, LOL