Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I have been so sick!

UGH! There is some type of virus going around and it has hit me and my family hard! It started with oldest DD, fever, weak, no appetite, etc. Then it hit six year old daughter, Tara...I hope she will be able to go back to school today. Then on the weekend it hit my eleven year old daughter, she recovers quickly and usually bounces back, but yesterday seh wa sent home from school and had to have a strep test, it was negative and the doctor informed us of this nasty virus. Well, Sunday afternoon, it hit me and our son. We were in bed all Sunday afternoon, and night and all day yesterday and last night. Fever, chills, very week and no appetite. He started eating a little bit of toast late yesterday afternoon, but the thought of food still makes me shiver.
I haven't been able to stitch, knit or even go on the computer. I ran through a few of the BB's quickly this morning but didn't post anything. I am already tired. Last night was awful. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get Billy to sleep more than twenty minutes at a time. He kept whining and crying that he's sick. I felt so bad for him, and at the same time I just wanted him to sleep. Every bone in my body aches. The doctor said it lasts several days and even up to a week. I hope not...I feel like I have neglected my family. I need to make them a nice meal. The nights I couldn't cook, our oldest daughter made grilled cheese and soup and last night she picked up pizza on her way home from work. The kids are all chipping in, the ones that aren't sick, and the house is almost up to snuff.
Well, after reading what I just wrote, I apologize for the most boring pitiful post. (((hugs))) to you all, I miss being on the BB and hope to be back soon!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bubbles QS - no picture/Knitting update

Okay, I had promised to work on my Bubbles QS and I did, it felt wonderful. I didn't make very good progress. Only got about 150 stitches in, I had 200 before the weekend. BUT, this one block that I only have partially done is full of detail stitches. I wanted to work my way down to her face and I have to go in blocks, I get too confused if I don't. I love the colors in this one, they are incredible. I hope to get more done on her this week. I know I promised not to pick up knitting needles, but I couldn't help it. I needed a break from my QS, the block I think has all 90 colors in it, LOL...so I picked up my knitting. I'm currently working on a backpack for my neice. I'm doing it in yellow and it is almost done. I should be able to finish it in the next day or so. I already have two braclets done for her and want to make a headband, which should be really quick. I would love to have her entire gift done this week and it is very likely that I will. I will still have another one to do for my other niece, but I have to wait to get the yarn, I'm leaning toward peach. So, if I concentrate on my knitting today, it can be cross-stitching for the rest of the week! Speaking of stitching....again...have I told you how many times I have fondled my supplies for Labyrinth? Oh my goodness, anyone who has been hesitating to purchase this, the threads and beads and fabric are all gorgeous! And Michele and Bob are incredible the way the put it all together. The fibers are in floss away bags on a metal ring. As are the crystals, which are in smaller bags inside the floss away bags. The beads are in tiny little square containers. I couldn't believe it was put together this way. It came to me already neat and organized. They are the best! Okay, time for coffee and to get the remainding children up and ready for school. Mondays are hard to get them going!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Back on the BB, and I received a package!

Well, my ezsupporter has been renewed and I am back in business. Still making changes to the blog, not sure if I like this blue. I'll keep it for now.

The mailman brought Labyrinth today! Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! The threads, the fabric, beads, crystals and of course the gorgeous pattern. I can hardly wait to start. But I am going to wait. Want to see if I can get a decent amount done on other things this month. I also need to write Fudgey, she said she had some pointers on this pattern. Michele and Bob also included 2 body souffle samples, a soap and a beautiful scissor fob. I need to write them about the fob. I know Michele told me she was including some Haed Essential gifts (too sweet of them by the way!) but I don't know about the fob. I need to make sure it wasn't a mistake.

My friend Cindy came over today and we had a wonderful time. We looked throught Labyrinth, some HAEDs (my wonderful binder) and some fabric. We are going to take a knitting class together in May and I am so looking forward to that. She is very quick at picking things up so it will be nice to do this together.

Okay, off I go. It's getting late and I want to make sure I e-mail Michele & Bob before I forget!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Okay...this may be my new look

I have been looking for dolls to put in my profile. Wanted one that would look good with the background. I also wanted to find some new dolls for my signature line. I hope to be back on the BB tomorrow with my new doll and renewed ez supporter. I haven't posted since 2/27 because my ezsupporter needed to be renewed. I will be able to do that and be back posting! I have missed posting. I will have a lot of catching up to do!

Wow! Not to change the subject, but it sure is snowing! I can't believe how hard it is coming down. I wish DH was home. He just called and has a 45 minute ride home on a normal day. It will probably take him twice the amount of time. I best sign off now and start dinner.

Gee...Sonya....I posted twice today! hehehe Maybe I better getting moving on MIHTD...can't give you too much of a start on me! LOL

New look & Knitting update & hearing voices...

You may or may not have noticed but I'm going for a new "blog look". So I have been playing around a bit. Can't decide on the pic in my profile. I love it but blogger shrinks it down and now I'm not sure. May have to take a look at some others and maybe use that one as my new "doll".
As for my knitting, I have achieved a lot. I finished the small backpack I was working on for DD, she loves it and I'm thrilled with it. I believe I will make a few more. I have birthdays for two nieces coming up in April and I think they would love them. Also found some patterns for matching headbands and really "cool" bracelets. I think these would make fantastic birthday presents for them. I am really excited about my new knitting hobby. But alas, I am hearing voices. They are coming from HAED...."Bubbles QS" is very loud right now and I am thinking I may need a break from my knitting to calm her down. This is so hard....I had a difficult time rotating between HAED projects now I have to rotate knitting with HAED and each individual project under those! UGH! Why do I complicate things?! Well, off I go! More snow heading this way today, so kids are getting out of school early. I will see what I can accomplish before the gang gets back home...chores, knitting or Bubbles?
BTW, I think I beat you Sonya! ((((hugs))))