Monday, January 30, 2006

End of Week Two for "dance"

Well, this is after two complete weeks of stitching. Not bad progress considering I don't really touch it on the weekends. I'm really hoping to concentrate on a lot of the background for this week. I am enjoying this a lot and really find I am preferring the 28 count over one than anything else I have used for me other HAEDs. I want to keep on plugging away on this one for awhile.

Speaking of HAED they had to go and have a sale! I am still having Bob take $10.00 out every week to purchase Labyrinth and I hope a few more weeks and I will be there. There are so many other HAEDs I want right now. If I could pick one, it would be the Scotland QS. I am dying to do a black and white and think that would be perfect. If the sale lasts until next Friday I may get that one. I'm trying to be good as I want to have Labyrinth soon.

The BRAT PACK now have "blinkies" which is a great way to recognize each other. The official SAL starts on Wednesday! I can't wait to see everyone's WIPs. I almost feel bad that I started early, but I couldn't help myself. I think they will forgive me, as I am a slow stitcher. We also have a new thread (Thanks Nance) so that we can post our WIPs in it to keep track of everyone's progress. I think it will work out nicely.

Well, dear son, Billy is being very demanding right now, so I guess I better go!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How did this happen? And Mirabilia Cameo

Okay, I was just minding my own business when the new releases came out. I love so many of the Caron Vinson ones, don't own any and I'm trying to be strong. I know I will get one eventually, but I really want to save for Labyrinth. Now, in the new releases were some BK Lusk. I have to admit that my taste didn't usually go into that particular direction. Until.... how am I to resist that! Well, I have my eye on an ACEO card, that I may try to obtain. I just love looking at this design! I will not faulter from working on "MIHTD", I am having way too much fun. But, if I can't obtain the card, I may have to purchase this pattern. Now, don't go looking anywhere for the card to bid against me! LOL

On to the next subject...I put a post on the off-topic of the HAED BB about my "Mirabilia Cameo of Spring Queen". I know I will never finish it and what I have done is quite pretty, so why let it go to waste. I put a few stitches here and there a few beads and framed her. I am very pleased that I can now visually enjoy her! Follow the link to see my post:

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Okay, I have decided to expand my thimble collection. I have a wopping three. I wanted to get two that I saw in the Herrschners (sp?) catalog, but it never happened. I went for a looksy on eBay and found a seller who has a bunch of different ones. They are seven dollars a piece and I flipped over three of them. The ones I liked were a Mermaid, a Fairy and a Dragon. I gotta have them! The seller said if I bought all three (they are buy it nows) the shipping would only be two dollars! I am very tempted!

I also found a seller on ebay who is selling the Selina Fenech Fairy Philosophy cards...oh how I want those! They are just so beautiful! Which I guess isn't a big surprise!

I did a good amount of stitching earlier today and would like to be stitching now, but DH has a movie on that I can't even stand to listen to. It's a "war" movie, Uncommon Valour. I just can't handle that stuff. So instead I have been on the HAED BB and reading blogs. I love reading so many of them and try to post a comment when I can. Keep blogging everyone!

Well, I'm off to the BB again. Then off to bed. Hopefully I can get some stitchy time in the early morning. My favorite time to stitch!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A wandering mind....

I haven't put in a stitch all day! That is very strange for me! I always stitch in the morning. My morning wa a bit off as one of the "kiddies" was up way before her normal time. So no stitching, no news this morning. I like to listen to the news when I am stitching so that didn't happen either. Oh well...hopefully I will get a bunch of stitching time in tonight.

I feel kind of uneasy anyway, so I would probably make mistakes. I can't stand when I feel this way. Been happening more and more lately. I think it is normal for me. Para-menopause, that's what the doctor calls it. My mother was done with the entire 'menopause' by the time she was 43 or so. I will be 40 in September. Ugh...I can't believe I will be fourty this year. Where does the time go?

Enough of that, I want to talk stitching. I put in another 100 stitches last night on "dance". I don't seem to be able to get a good picture of it. Maybe when I have more done, it will be a bit easier. I am really enjoying the 28 count over one. I have to use my magnifer. I don't need it for 22 count or 28/32 count over two, but over one on 28 I must have it! Much easier on the eyes and the head. I am going to try to focus on this design for a while. I also wanted to try to jump into the QS Wednesday SAL, but I'm not sure. I won't this week, since I just started "dance" and don't want to stitch on anything else right now. I really want to try to "cook" on this one. I'm not expecting to finish it anytime soon...LOL...but I would like to really focus on it for awhile. I have some others I really want to do, but this will be priority for a while. In the back of my head I am thinking of that beautiful fabric, SMF's French Vineyard, that I purchased for Mirabilia's Fairy Moon. I still want to do that, I just don't know when. I really think the Mirabilia's are a nice break from the HAEDs, but I'm not ready for a break. I just finished a Mirabilia, so won't be starting that anytime soon. I just loved the fabric for Fairy Moon, and spent the most on that fabric than I have for any other fabric. It is gorgeous! Then I also have Enchanted Mermaid, I didn't pay much for the fabric but I have ALL the treasures, braids, beads, etc. for that one. I wish I could be a good rotator, but I have tried a few times, and I always go back to what ever catches my fancy. Oh well, guess that's just the way it is.

Speaking of new projects, I paid another $10.00 toward Labyrinth! It will be awhile before I have enough money, but that's okay. I know I will get it at some point. I'm thinking if I don't have enough by Valentines Day, maybe DH could pay the remainder. I know he probably wouldn't care. We'll see. I hope to have at least a page of "dance" done by then!

Okay, I'm off! Need to pick up some toys, vacuum and then start dinner. Until next time...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Was Happy Dancing yesterday!

I really should have posted this yesterday, but never got that far. I finished Blossom Harvest! I'm so very happy with the frame, good thing I had Kayla (Oldest DD) there to help me choose. It took me close to two hours to frame her but I love the finished piece.

I did something naughty last night. I just had to. For any "brats" reading my blog, and you know who you are, I had to start "MIHTD" last night. I need to make sure before our SAL officially starts that I can do the one over one on 28 count. I didn't get very much done, but I really don't think I can put her down now. February 1st seems ages away! I know I will be forgiven and will post a pic as soon as I have more done. I need to check and make a list of what other SAL BRATS have a blog. It will be fun to get to know of you better and encourage each other. I know we have the BB to do that as well, but I am more inclined to write more in my blog.

Well, we have a three day weekend so the kids are home through Monday, so I hope to get stitching time in. I would love to have a picture at the end of the weekend to share, but it's probably not likely. We are going over BIL's tonight to visit and the DH's will watch the Patriots play football. It gets so stressful whenever they make it this far. And they have been doing that a lot the past several years!

Enjoy the weekend my friends!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Random Thoughts inspired by Fudgey

I must say I found the last entry of Fudgy's blog most entertaining! Also very informative. So, I thought I would try to wing it! Here goes:

I want to finish Blossom Harvest, I should be stitching right now, but needed a break. I'm getting there!

I want to work on every HAED I own. New ones keep coming out and I find myself wanting them. Even though every time I buy one I think my collection is now complete. Yeah...right!

I had a very nice phone conversation today with seems so cool to put a voice to the name. I feel like I "know" so many people through the HAED BB. She has told me to keep an eye on my e-mail box. I don't know what she did, but whatever it is, she shouldn't have. If you read this Nance, I hope your son is feeling better! (((hugs)))

Speaking of BB's, what is it about the HAED BB? There is no bashing, no fighting, no offensive posting. So many BB's have bashing, whether it's about a designer or a fellow stitcher. There are a few that I don't frequent anymore because of this. Too many negative emotions. What a waste of time. The HAED BB, lives up to it's name Heaven and Earth. A wonderful place to be with down to earth people. I thank all the moderators and of course Michele and Bob and the wonderful artists for all they do. You are appreciated and never forget that.

Don't you just love the feeling of contentment when you pick up a needle, it just feels right. Like it's the place to be. I am so thrilled to have found this hobby. It's really helpful to me right now. Without getting into too much detail, I am in what is called pre-menopause. I know I'm young only 39 but my Mom was the same way. I have had a lot of emotional ups and downs, more downs lately but I'm just repeating to myself that it is all "normal". I am really turning to my stitching for relaxtion and am finding that I am depending on that "stitching time" more than ever. I still do my household chores and spend time with my family so no quilt.

Well, it's about 10:00 pm here and I am going to try to put a few more stitches in before bed. Hope I didn't bore anyone. And Fudgey, if you read this, sorry I took your idea. You always have the best ideas! (((hugs)))

Monday, January 09, 2006

Stitching progress

Okay, after stitching as much as I possibly could last week, I made fairly good progress on Blossom Harvest. I am hoping to have her complete in two more weeks, less if I can. I want to stitch my HAEDs (cry, cry, tear, tear). I am in a good routine right now with my stitching and don't want to loose momentum. I still am amazed at how much faster this Mirabilia is going now. Before I worked on any HAEDs it seemed like it was going slow, but something happened to my skills, maybe? I think the complexity of the HAEDs enhanced my skills in some way, shape or form. So thanks to Michele and all the wonderful artists!

I'm still holding out for Selina Fenech's "May I have this dance" to be charted! I am also getting closer to purchasing Labyrinth. I have put $25.00 down so far! I think I am going to be adding three things to that order. I want the Dragon Fae Storykeep, Gothic Indigo (new release Caron Vinson) and if "May I have this Dance?" is charted by the time I have enough $ I could just get them all snail mailed to me at the same time!

In the meantime...I WILL finish Blossom Harvest! I love the way she is coming out, I just feel like nothing can compare to the HAEDs. I do have a few other Mirabilia's that I will do. Especially Fairy Moon, I have everything I need and I spend $48.00 on the fabric for her. I love that design and if I start a Mirabilia this year, it will be that one. Probably not until the latter part of the year though. I have my HAED goals to meet!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Visited by the frog...called a brat and a monkey

First, the nasty frog visited my Mirabilia wip, had to take out over 70 beads. This was not good. I have put them back and will work on her some more today!

Meanwhile, back on the HAED BB I have been called a brat and a cheeky monkey ( you know who you are) and I take great pleasure in accepting those names. Very true...but I am no alone. Sonya and Nance have joined me. Actually I think Sonya started it but we will stand by her. This design "May I have this dance?" has made us go bonkers. We can't help it. We need it and that's all there is to it. I know if it came out tomorrow I would not be able to start it, but I could get the fabric and floss. I'm sure my needle on my Mirabilia would be smokin' so that I could start this. I have already planned that I will grid by pages, I have looked into some fabric and I plan on purchasing the chart (when charted) and have it mailed to me with my Labyrinth kit. I am hoping within the next few weeks to have enough $$$$ to do so. Anyway, that's how all is going. I am eager for the BRAT SAL....

Thursday, January 05, 2006

May I have this dance?

You NEED to click on that link to see what I am talking about. This is a piece of art by Selina Fenech that I am in totally HAED over heels in love with. I am anxiously awaiting the day that Michele does this piece. I have to stitch it. I know Sonya on the BB feels the same way. So this blog entry is devoted to a beg and plea for this design! I know I promised myself I would not buy anything else until I had enough money for Labyrinth, BUT I was not expecting this. I will find a way to do both! This piece is a must have. So Michele, I doubt you have time to read all the blogs but if you happen to read this. Please....

I will go work on my Mirabilia (have to finish this so I can get back to my HAEDs) and dream about the day this art is charted. Ahhhhh....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Snow day

Today was supposed to be the first day back to school after the Christmas break, but we got SNOW! I love snow, and don't mind the kids all being home, once DH is home, I will be content. I think it will be a stitchy kinda day, I'm hoping! I stitched quite a bit yesterday and almost finished the yellow bustle on Blossom Harvest. I can't wait for her to be done!

I'm still giving my HAED goals a lot of thought. I know one of them, the Dragon Fae QS to complete. Another would have something to do with Sea of Roses, but not sure if it should be to complete it or do a certain amount of pages. I just know I'm going to have to have a new start, but don't which one. I could just leave it at two goals and figure out how many pages I would be able to complete on Sea of Roses. I always want to purchase and complete Labyrinth. So that could be my third goal. Not that we need three. So maybe I do have it figured out. Except, how many pages on Sea of Roses. I will have to ponder that for a bit more! The deadline is the 8th of January.

Has a side note, today is day two of the diet. So far so good. Just need to drink more water. This isn't ususally a problem, but because of the cold I have I only feel like warm drinks. Enough for today!

I hope to put up a new picture tomorrow with a good chunk of blossom done. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 02, 2006

HAED wips

It always amazes me to look at everyone's WIPs. They are truly amazing. I don't know what it is but it seems like everyone else trucks along and I kind of crawl. I am in awe of Jenifer's (loveforbeanies) progress on QS Tomboy. It is too beautiful and she just started it. I am posting a picture of it . If you read my blog, Jenifer, I hope that was okay. I will e-mail this to you to double check. I am just kind of "drooling" over her!

I almost wish I didn't promise myself to finish my Mirabilia, I so want to work on a HAED. I just think if I put her away (again) it will stay a WIP. She is so close to done and I think I can finish her by the end of January. I know I will feel a great sense of accomplishment when she is finished!

Well, I gotta go get some coffee. Thanks Jenifer for sharing your wonderful progress with us!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day

What a way to bring in the new year, I have a horrible cold! I can't look down without my nose running and my head feels like it weighs 1000 pounds. So any stitching is out.

I have been thinking about the HAED challenge/goal for the year. I think I will end up going with more than one goal. My first goal will be to finish my Dragon Fae QS, I still have about 3000 stitches or more to go into her so it won't be all that quick. My second goal has to be something with Sea of Roses. I only have 2000 stitches in her, so I will have to ponder this a bit. My last goal, is giving me a bit of trouble. I have to start at least one new thing this year! I am considering My Secret Place (Selina Fenech) she is so beautiful! I will probably go with 25 count fabric. Not sure on the color yet, I thought something in a very pale blue, but kind of blotted like the sky. I will have to consider all of this before I can post my goals.

I have been working on my cross stitch albums and uploading pics of pieces I have done. Still have a bunch to go, but I have to take a break. I feel very tired and week today. Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel better and at least be able to stitch a little bit. I have to finish my Mirabilia before I can even start my HAED goals!