Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Knitting, taxes, hello to Cindy, and stalking the mailman!

Hi all! I have been busy knitting lately. I have the knitting bug, bad! In the last two weeks I have made three scarfs, one pair of slippers, and two dish clothes. I started on a mini backpack yesterday and am having a go at circular needles. My camera is misbehaving so I have no pictures at this time. I hope to rectify that soon! I am enjoying the knitting but am mad that I can't stitch and knit at the same time. I will be getting back to my stitching when I finish this project. The knitting really takes a toll on the carpal tunnel. Still can't figure out why I can't do paragraphs anymore! Anyone who reads my blog and can figure out why help me! Anyway, on to my next subject. I have been doing our tax return and my oldest DD's, so computer time has been greatly neglected. I have hardly posted on the HAED BB at all in the last several days. I went to post today and realized my ezsupporter has ended. I will fix that on Friday, payday. So, I probably won't post until then, as my posts will look quite humorous! LOL I want to say HELLO! to my friend Cindy...she is an amazing stitcher and is discovering the joys of internet stitching supplies. I felt it was my duty to send her a bunch of links to shops and message boards. I hope you got them Cindy. I also sent her my blog, if you decide to read it, it's a great way to fall asleep. LOL (by the way, Cindy...I am really looking forward to your visit on Friday!) I am going to call the knitting shop today to find out about the sock classes taht Cindy and I hope to venture into! Next topic, stalking the mailman. I finished paying for Labyrinth at the same time Michele and Bob were leaving for Vegas so I don't have it yet. BUT, they informed me yesterday that it would be out today at the latest. Just making sure all the threads were in the kit that are required. They are so great at communication! So I guess it will be here around Friday or Saturday, my mailman is safe until the end of the week! Next...I also want to send a big hug to Nance all the way down in warm, sunny Florida. She is home and recovering from her surgery. I e-mailed you Nance. Okay, I really need to get my coffee now!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


lots twirling around in my mind! First, I want to send a big hug to Nance, who found out yesterday that she will have to go through surgery on her ankle. I am so sorry Nance. I replied to your e-mail and just wanted you to know again that I'm thinking of you. Sonya, go read the comments in Fudgey's blog, looks like we were reading her blog at the exact same time. Great minds think alike! And you only have a few more days until you are happy dancing! I will be so jealous of your blinkie! But you deserve it and I am very proud of your achievement. I have been knitting up a storm, I finished my slippers, a scarf for Billy and started a very elegant looking scarf for oldest DD. I want to get back to my stitching today. MIHTD is not pleased with my new knitting experience. So I had better invest some time with her (and him) today. I am also awaiting the mailman, I beleive my Labyrinth kit will be here today or tomorrow. I will e-mail you Fudgey, when I am ready. I'm taking you up on your offer for some helpful hints. I can't wait for it to come so I can fondle. Speaking of fondling, this knitting store is dangerous for fiber fondlers! Heaven! Well, I had better go, the kids are on vacation from school this week so if it looks like I'm absent from the BB this week, that is why. Thank you for bearing with me and getting through my blog, I love reading the comments. And I enjoy reading your blogs as well!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

So many things I want to do!

These darn books I've been reading! They are knitting mysteries by Maggie Sefton, Knit One, Kill Two and now I'm reading Needled to Death. I know they saw kind of 'ick' but they aren't! The author gives such wonderful detail with the knitting and the shop the main character frequents. It makes me want to go there! Well...I kind of did! There is a knitting store less than five minutes away, Knitwits, and it is glorious! So many gorgeous colors and types of yarn! I purchased two hanks of Alpaca wool in a scrumptious variegated blues/greens and a hank of 100 percent Eqyption cotton. I also purchased two sets of bamboo knitting needles. They are so much nicer to work with than metal in my opinion. I am going to try to knit booties/slippers with the alpaca wool, and dishclothes with the cotton. I have started both and so far so good. The lady at the knitting store had a wonderful gift idea. She said she has seen people make beautiful washclothes and wrap them with pretty soaps as a gift. Hmmm...wonder where I can find some wonderful soaps! So, I'm thinking on doing that as gifts at Christmas time. Maybe start the clothes here and there and find out from Michele (HAED) what the normal shelf life for the soaps are. I think it would be a very neat gift! Now as for my stitching.................................still plugging away on "dance" and posted my progress in the brat sal. I'm pleased with my progress and am itching to get back to it. Haven't stitched in almost two days and I'm having withdrawals. This week I make my final payment on Labyrinth (HAED original) and I know I will want to start that right away. I'm still debating on a rotation. So many things I want to do. I really don't want to be a screamer, but I may have no choice. Whenever I try to organize a rotation I have issues. Oh well, the main objective is to stitch and be happy, right? Speaking of stitching, I have to go update my wish list. Elaine Cox has been added to the HAED family and I am loving Pensive. There is something about it...it's how I imagine Fudgey. Don't know why, just is. I will have to purchase it! I'm also itching to start Bubbles QS, it is so screaming to be started. I think if I had my floss wound on to my bobbins I probably would have started her. I dread doing that, but that is how I like my threads. UGH...perhaps I can tackle that this weekend. The girls and I always watch DVD's on Friday night. We call it "Gilmore Girl" friday. The Gilmore Girls is a television show they love, I had never watched it, but my 15 year old has acquired the DVD's so they are trying to catch me up on friday nights. I must say, I'm hooked. So this might be a time to wind some bobbins, LOL Okay, I must go finish my chores!

Friday, February 10, 2006

I must figure this out...

Okay, Michele at HAED was too generous (again). I requested a QS or Storykeep of Selina Fenech's Bubbles. Now that I smell like her, lol, I feel the need to stitch her. Not only did she chart it, she sent it tome. I have the fabric and floss (which needs to be put on bobbins, yuck) and want to start it. I am going to have to figure out a rotating schedule. I don't like being a screamer...I want organization. My dilemma...when do I do what? Okay, I have QS Dragon Fae, "Dance" and now Bubbles. I will be doing Sea of Roses over now that I know 28 count over one is for me! I'm not even going to work on Sea of Roses for awhile now anyway. So I have two QS's and one large one. There are so many options, I don't know where to begin. Do I partipate in QS Wednesday and rotate Wednesdays? Do I do "Dance" during the week and QS on weekend or vice versa? I get more stitching time usually during the week. I want to finish Dragon Fae QS (I want to be done with it and earn my blinkie), but I also am in love with the way "Dance" is working. AND I'm eager to start Bubbles. What is a girl to do? For the time being, I am going to work on "Dance" until the 13th, that will be one months time on it. Then I want to start a rotation. I like the way Lana & Nicole get a certain amount done on theirs then move on to the next rotation slot. I know I only have three that I want to rotate. Perhaps I could do it that way? I should be able to finish the section of "Dance" that I wanted to this weekend so I could start rotating next week. Sorry this was so long....as you can tell, I'm just kind of thinking out loud. LOL I will find a way to make something work.

I gotta find out from Fudgey if I can take Sea of Roses out of my year end goal and put Bubbles in there in her place.

Oh! We have a blizzard coming our way...YEAH! As long as we don't loose power I will be stitching and perhaps reading. DH bought me two books, they are needlework mysteries. Knit one, Kill two and Needled to Death. I haven't ready anything by this author. I have read all the Monica Ferris ones. So far Knit one, Kill two is very good. I enjoy reading in bed when my eyes are too tired to stitch.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Neglected my blog...

  1. Lots to get too! First, as some of you know, I had to go into the hospital for unexpected surgery (a hurrnia), I'm on the mend and feeling better every day! I received lots of e-cards, two HAED QS's, and some lovely HAED Essential products that are to die for! I have so many thoughtful BB friends, it blows my mind. At home, everyone has been so kind and helpful. Flowers, cards, hugs etc. My sister surprised me with not only a beautiful boquet of flowers, but she came over and brought me breakfast, did some laundry and housework and then took the time to just sit and talk with me. She is so special. I also had numerous phone calls from the ladies at our church. They offered to bring meals and anything else I may need. My parents were above and beyond the call of duty, which surprised me I must say. I think we have grown closer the last few months and that can only be a good sign. Now the fun stuff...for some reason I can't get my blog to let me seperate paragraphs hmmm...this is perplexing, I don't like everyting jumpled into one paragraph. Looks to daunting. Ugh, why can't I do this..........................................................................................................................I'll try that. First, I am excited, I won an ACEO and will bid on another. They are BK Lusks and I will share them with you after the second auction is over. Second, I ordered two books, needlework mysteries. I love those! I have all the Monica Ferris ones, and I ordered two by a different author. They came in yesterday and I hope to pick them up today. The titles are Knit One, Kill Two and Needled to Death. Corney I know, but I'm looking forward to them non the less! Next item................I need to get my HAED patterns organized. They are all limp on a shelf. I would like to get to staples and get a large binder and a cheap three hole bunch, and some tabs. I dream of thumbing through all the pages of my wonderful charts! Last, stitching progress....Dragon Fae QS surprised with a day of stitching and I was pleased with my progress. "Dance" felt a bit neglected so I have been mainly working on background, I may have close to 1000 new stitches in the background. I'm not doing an update photo until the 13th, this will be one month I believe. I'm hoping to get a bunch more done by then. Who knows? Okay, well there was an assortment of "goings on". Off to get some AM stitching time in and to see if I can figure out why I can't do the paragraph thing! OH, and did I tell you I smell like "Bubbles"? LOL big hug to Michele, Bob and Fudgey!